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Could my child have a food allergy?

Is your child experiencing?

- Vomiting

- Reflux

- Poor weight gain

- Constipation

- Diarrhoea

- Eczema

- A rash

- Itchy skin

- Wheezing

- Breathing difficulties

- Congested nose

- Colic

Breastmilk, infant formula or certain foods could be the culprits.

It is important that food allergies are properly diagnosed by a healthcare professional with relevant training.

Allergies can be:

- IgE or immediate (within minutes to 2 hours of feeding)

- Non-IgE or delayed (between 2-48 hours or longer)

xPlease note that a lactose intolerance is NOT an allergy

An allergy specialist will ask questions about symptoms, timing of the reactions, and may need to perform tests if they suspect an immediate allergy. This type of allergy can be very serious, so you should seek medical advice ASAP if your child is experiencing symptoms that occur within minutes up to 2 hours after feeding.

An Allergy Dietitian will take a full allergy focused history and will give you an indication of what type of allergy your child might be experience. A plan with next steps to be taken will also be provided.

They can also advise on:

- maternal diet whilst breastfeeding a baby with suspected allergies

- appropriate choice of infant formulas

- safe weaning in infants with allergies or at higher risk of developing allergies

- meeting nutritional requirements on a restricted diet

- achieving age appropriate growth

If you're interested in learning more about how I can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch :-)



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