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Dairy Free Calories

Struggling with slow weight gain on a dairy free diet?

My 10 Top Tips | Useful Foods

1) Add extra oil – olive, sunflower seed, rapeseed, etc - to meals (1 tsp for a child), e.g. on to pasta, potatoes and vegetables.

2) Add extra dairy free spread on both sides of toast.

3) Add tinned coconut milk or dairy free cream to curries.

4) Use nut spreads – peanut, almond, cashew – on toast, in dishes or on slices of fruit. You can also try tahini paste or sunflower seed butter (nut free options).

5) Replace half of the flour used in recipes with a nut or gram flour.

6) Make a dairy free super milk with: a milk replacement drink of choice containing more than 50kcal per 100mls, nut butters, oats and fruit or cocoa powder.

7) Add grated vegan cheese to meals, e.g. jacket and mashed potato, soups, scrambled eggs.

8) Deep fry or oven bake with an extra drizzle of oil more often

9) Add avocado to sandwiches, wraps or crackers or blend it into pasta sauce or smoothies

10) Include full fat dips such as hummus, tzatziki and guacamole as part of snacks. Serve with chopped vegetables, crackers, rice cakes, lentils crips or tortilla chips.

**If you’re following the above tips and weight gain is still a problem, speak to your Registered Dietitian as a milk free Oral Nutritional Supplement may also be required.**

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