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Qualifications & Memberships


I am a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian.

To become a Dietitian I completed a four year degree in Nutrition & Food Sciences.


I am a member of the UK Health and Care Professions Council and also a full member of the “British Dietetic Association (BDA)” As part of this group I was a core writer of the BDA's Allergen Toolkit for Healthcare Catering.

In addition to my degree I have obtained the 'Award in Education level 3' Teaching Qualification.

Why work in this field?


In recent years the rate of diet related diseases such as obesity and diabetes has increased dramatically. Having studied the nutritional properties of foods and the effect these have on our bodies for four years at University, I became truly fascinated by the protective and healing effects that real foods eaten in the right amounts can have on our health.


Over the years I have loved working with food businesses and educational establishments to provide more and more individuals with food that they can trust has their very best interests at heart. I strongly feel that all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle and I’m particularly interested in transforming the notion that certain foods that everyone loves such as pizza, cakes, and biscuits need to be unhealthy. This is far from the truth; these foods when prepared well and eaten in appropriate amounts can help to ensure our diets are both delicious as well as packed with nutritional goodness!



I am a UK Registered Dietitian with a decade of experience acquired in a variety of sectors such as the food service, public health, healthcare and research. I particularly enjoyed working as a School Meals Dietitian helping to improve the quality of the food provided to thousands of children across Cambridgeshire.


The years spent in this role strengthened my belief that mealtimes can be used to combat diseases such as obesity and diabetes. It has also become very clear to me how crucial a role the school environment plays in teaching children about the origins of food and the importance of adopting a balanced diet. ’PatriciaDietNutrition’ has been founded to provide vital support to schools in these areas and to extend essential dietetic expertise to individuals or organisations wishing to adopt healthier dietary practices.

Spare time


In my spare time you will find me mostly looking after my three young children. This involves spending lots of time with them in the kitchen inventing balanced and tasty recipes that they enjoy as well as finding new places to explore in Surrey. I also love taking and sharing inspiring photos of our day-to-day (you can follow me on instagram) and whenever I can I will hop on a plane to go and visit my family in Portugal!



Catering and Cleaning Services
Ambassador Award 2016

For reducing added sugars in school meals by 30%


Allergy UK Healthcare Professional Award 2018

For going the extra mile to cater for children with food allergies at school.

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