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Educational establishments

Primary Schools and Early Years Settings




  • Producing nutritional breakdown of the recipes on your menus using my own Nutritional Software

  • Labelling recipes with the top 14 Allergens (as per legal requirement EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No.1169/2011)

  • Training your staff to produce accurate nutritional and allergen breakdowns (if you own a nutritional software already) – nutritional breakdowns should always be prepared or guided by a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

  • Coding your recipes with Nutritional claims according to EU law (e.g. high in calcium, low in sugar, etc.)

Menu checking


  • Ensuring your menus meet
    the National School Food Standards* (Regulation 2014
    No. 1603) allowing you to offer a ‘Registered Dietitian approved’ Menu 

  • Making suggestions to enhance the nutritional benefits of your menus

  • Working with your chef / food development team to create tasty and healthy recipes


* Early Years: National Voluntary Nutrition Standards

type I diabetes


  • Creating a carbohydrate menu card (allowing parents to select the suitable option for their child which enables the correct amount of insulin to be administered)

  • Helping you implement a procedure to ensure good communication between the kitchen staff, parents and school staff

Catering for food allergies/other conditions


  • Creating medical/special diets (example, non gluten menu, non dairy menu, non sulphites menu)

  • Helping you implement a procedure to ensure a safe provision of meals to children with medical conditions

  • Providing bespoke training to staff on catering safely for children with medical conditions (e.g. allergen management)

Whole school food approach to healthy eating


  • Helping you create a Food Policy to ensure your approach to healthy eating is consistent across the whole school

  • Delivering bespoke ‘healthy eating’ workshops to children or staff

Modified texture



  • Helping you create colourful, diverse and appealing modified texture menus for those with swallowing difficulties (e.g. dysphagia) according to national guidelines

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