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In my private practice, I truly enjoy helping others break-free from dieting and confusing messages on Nutrition, by providing advice based on the most recent science-based evidence of what works. I am a strong advocate that eating should be a positive and pleasurable experience where all foods - including our absolute favourites - can and should be enjoyed!

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What is included?

Each appointment is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

A consultation will usually include:

- exploring your health goals

- coming up with a plan to achieve these

- written advice and resources which will be provided to you via email following the appointment

30 minute follow up appointments (£40) may be recommended. These will allow me to monitor your progress, discuss challenges and review the advice provided in the initial appointment.

Note: For weight management I recommend an initial one hour consultation followed by monthly follow up consultations over a period of 6-12 months. This is really important to avoid falling back into old unwanted habits.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Berries


I initially consulted with Patricia as I wanted to lose weight and I wanted some tips and ideas on how to do this. I wrongly assumed that Patricia would put me on some sort of restrictive diet, that I would stick to it for a while and then get bored of it, and thus pile all the weight back on again, as has happened before when I have tried some of the mainstream ‘diets’ we have all heard of.

How wrong I was! Patricia asked me lots of questions about my eating habits amongst other things, taking a very detailed history and really taking the time to listen. What I appreciated the most, was there was no judgement and I felt totally at ease, telling her that I love ( and therefore eat a lot of chocolate!).

Once my history had been taken, Patricia set about showing me the ‘science’ behind my eating habits, explaining how certain foods are full of ‘good’ energy and are the building blocks to my body and health, whilst others should be eaten in fewer quantities as they do not provide the nutrients to support my body and health. BUT the best thing was Patricia said I didn’t have to give up chocolate, or indeed any of the more ‘naughty’ things I liked to eat. She simply said I can still eat what I want but I just need to eat it in moderation, and as long as I am feeding my body with the food it needs most of the time, then a treat now and then is most definitely allowed. This was music to my ears and it made perfect sense to me, and it gave me the motivation to follow Patricia’s advice as I knew I could still have a little of what I like.

I feel so much better in myself now that I have adapted to this new way of eating, I am losing weight slowly, little by little each week, but the best thing has got to be the health benefits and knowing that by looking after my body, I am giving myself the best chance to be healthy and fit to look after my young family for years to come.


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