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Smiley pizza

Smiley pizza😊 I had a little time on my hands today. I don’t always present food well - and thought I’d make a face on the pizza for one of my toddlers. This a ‘cheating’ pizza but still a success! I make it using a wrap as the base. Then I add a little tomato paste and spread it out. I top it with grated cheese and whichever ingredients I have that make it look more fun! It bakes in the oven at 190 degrees for 4 or 5 minutes. The cucumber I only added at the end. L usually refuses all raw vegetables but today the cucumber presented as ‘eyes’ on the pizza must have sparked some interest as he ate it all (!!!) and he even had a bite of the carrot too 😀 So.... even if you’re child refuses certain foods just keep serving them in different shapes and sizes! Eventually they may very well decide to try them and your hard work will have been so worth it!!!

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